Wet noses, drooling jowls & free kisses...

Wet noses, drooling jowls & free kisses...

Wet noses, drooling jowls & free kisses...Wet noses, drooling jowls & free kisses...Wet noses, drooling jowls & free kisses...

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Kimber Kare dog diapers are on their way! They will be added to the site very soon, so stay tuned if that's what you're here looking for. In the mean time check out the T-Shirt section in our shop.

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Kimber Kare was created for bulldogs by bulldogs. More often than not we have bought items from the pet stores for our babies, only to get them home to find they don’t fit. Either too long or too tight, the struggle is real. After spending hundreds of dollars on useless items for our pups we realized most companies want to hit the majority when it comes to size and shape for their product. That's where we come in.  It is our mission to provide affordable, durable and stylish options for these beautiful uniquely shaped babies of ours. Your Bulldogs, Frenchies, Bostons and Pugs will be so glad you decided to make the switch from mainstream products to Kimber Kare. 

Her name is Mrs. Kimberly Buttersworth

Who is Kimber?

Her name is Mrs. Kimberly Buttersworth and she is our pride and joy. She has brought so much love and laughter to our home. From her loving but stubborn personality to her bulldog farts, we love her totally and completely.

How can we help you?

Do you own an escape artist?


No matter what we tried for our dogs, they could wiggle their way out of anything. Finally we splurged to buy the "best" dog diaper on the market. It arrived a few days later and, you guessed it, it didn't fit properly..wow, what a waste. I felt defeated.

We have the ANSWER.


After studying many different types of diapers and harnesses we jumped into action. Using the best quality fabrics, driven by a passion for our pups we decided to create a line of products designed specifically for bulldogs. No more buying multiple pairs to mix and match the sizes to make it fit. 

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As a first time customer you will receive HALF OFF the purchase of a matching Diaper to go with your Kimber Kare Diaper-Harness set. Only while supplies last.

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